Our time at the grassroots gives us a personal view on the kind of impact we’re been trying to
create. Every one of them has a story worth sharing.

For every individual artisan we work with, 4 others in the community are impacted.


Don’t Let Challenges Stop You – Success Story of Manju

Manju, an artisan at Jaipur Rugs, was born in a small village named Manoharpur.


A New Start a New Beginning

Shahin, a 19 year old girl who made a new beginning by choosing girl education as a way to success in life.


Girl Education as a New Opportunity

Read how Shamma took the responsibilities of her family & also adopted education as a must in her life.

Artisan Kamli from Dhanota

How a single mother defied all odds and built a new future for her kids

The gutsy single young mother of four, read how Kamli used rug-weaving as a potential gateway to happiness.

Artisan Sajna from Aspura

Meet the superwoman who fought her destiny

Read how this fearless weaver refused to give in to cancer and emerged a champion by creating a carpet of her own design that depicts the story of her journey from illness to recovery.

Bunkar Sakhi Prem Devi from Aaspura

From a shy mother to a determined grassroots leader: The untold story of a Bunkar Sakhi

Track Prem’s journey as she narrates her experience of becoming a grassroots leader and being responsible for every artisan in her village.

Bunkar Sakhi Shanti from Manpura

The unassuming leader from Manpura

Read how being a Bunkar Sakhi helped Shanti regain confidence in her and feels important for the first time in her life.

Wool Spinner Basanti from Bikaner

Her children left her, but she still has a family

From grinding in the sun and making bricks to spinning wool peacefully at home, read how Basanti changed the course of her life by being part of the Jaipur Rugs family.

Wool Opener Suman from Bikaner

Young, Independent and Proud

Read how Suman feels proud to be able to support her family through savings by working as an artisan and being part of a larger movement of empowerment.

Gate Keeper Moolaram Chauhan from Bikaner

Man finally returns home after 18 years

“Thanks to Jaipur Rugs, I am home again”, says Moolaram, the gatekeeper from Bikaner.

Wool contractor Prem Sukh Saran from Bikaner

The road less taken

“Meeting Bhaisahab has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I met him, I knew I was on the right path”

Rahmat Jahaan Badaun Uttar Pradesh

Meet the most inspiring lady in Sahaswan

“My family lives in a concrete house today and they could not have been prouder!”

Community Mobilizer Dolly from Jharkhand

Realizing dreams through determination

“How is any job meaningful unless done for the betterment of people?” asks Dolly Kumari, the community mobilizer from JRF