Manchaha is a collection of artisanal rugs that embraces the untamed creativity of weavers. It celebrates their exceptional skills and gives them the freedom to unleash their artistic expressions through the medium of rug-making. 

Manchaha, a Hindi word popular in our weaving community, means “Expression of my heart” Each rug in the Manchaha collection is a testament to the weavers’ creative capabilities, making it a true work of art. 

The story of Manchaha began with a hunt to be more sustainable and a passion for empowering artisans and nurturing their creative talents. 

The initiative, conceptualized by Kavita Chaudhary (Design Director, Jaipur Rugs) has won eight prestigious global design awards such as the German Design Award, Elle Décor Award, Carpet Design Award, IF Design Award, Kyoorius Design Award and European Product Design Award, all while going up against mega design houses and billion-dollar product companies from across the globe.

Each rug is  made using leftover hand-spun yarn batches, which reduces industry-wide wastage and makes its color palette as unique as its design. Reusing and revival from waste, the problem became its own solution.

At the core of the Manchaha Collection lies the belief that artisans possess untapped potential and unique stories to share. Unlike traditional rug-making processes, Manchaha goes beyond predetermined designs and encourages weavers to become the architects of their own artistic expressions. This freedom allows their creativity to flow through the knots, resulting in rugs that are authentic, exceptional, and deeply personal.

By choosing a Manchaha rug, you not only bring home a masterpiece of artistry and storytelling but also contribute to rural artisan empowerment.

Leheriya Ki Kalpana
by Manisha

Wool and Bamboo Silk

by Sumitra

Wool and Bamboo Silk

by Rajjo

Wool and Bamboo Silk

by Suman

Wool and Bamboo Silk

Aas Paas

Weaver-designer Manju Devi from Dhanota village won four awards for her Manchaha rug AAS PAAS. Manju is inspired by her surroundings, like her chulha and traditionally painted walls. She has brought to life the patterns formed by cow dung covering the floors and walls of her village homes.

by Mamta


by Dhafali and Sugna

Wool and Bamboo Silk

Aakar by
Lachma Devi

Wool and Bamboo Silk

by Dhafali

Wool and Bamboo Silk

Rug Making Process


A hand-crafted rug passes through 180 hands from start to finish, and it’s a testament to craftsmanship in itself. Each one of those 90 people possess unique and irreplaceable skills, as it takes years to harness.

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