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At Jaipur Rugs Foundation, we firmly believe that a stable income alone is not sufficient for leading a good and comfortable life. Access to essential resources and opportunities for holistic development are equally crucial. As an NGO dedicated to the well-being of artisans, we are committed to providing comprehensive support that goes beyond economic empowerment.

Our mission encompasses various areas of development, including health, hygiene, finance, and general social well-being. Through collaborative efforts with specialized organizations and government programs, we strive to create a supportive ecosystem that promotes self-reliance among artisans and benefits the entire village community.

In the realm of health, we organize healthcare camps, eye camps and conduct regular check-ups, and provide access to medical services. We recognize the importance of maintaining good health for artisans to thrive in their craft and daily lives. Hygiene is another essential aspect, and we promote awareness and practices that contribute to improved sanitation and well-being.

In the financial domain, we work to simplify access to financial and related resources. This empowers artisans to make informed decisions and improve their financial stability. We believe that financial inclusion is a  key element in fostering self-reliance and long-term prosperity.

Social development is at the core of our efforts. We collaborate with organizations and programs that specialize in various social initiatives, such as education, women empowerment, and skill-building. By nurturing these aspects, we aim to create an environment where artisans and their communities can thrive socially, economically, and culturally.

Our focus on holistic development is driven by our belief in the potential and dignity of every artisan. We are committed to creating sustainable change that uplifts individuals and communities alike. By addressing multiple dimensions of development, we strive to build a better future where artisans can lead fulfilling lives and contribute to the growth of their villages.

Health Care


We work towards the simple goal of reliable, affordable and quality health care services to the marginalized communities that do not have access to these services or even the basic knowledge on how to access them.


Rural communities are already disadvantaged when it comes to the opportunity of education, and this disadvantage is magnified towards women and girl.

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Government Linkages and
Financial Inclusion

The state & central government bodies in India have created multiple welfare programs but they are underutilized due to poor awareness and illiteracy in the rural communities.

The foundation educate rural communities on the services available, their rights and monitors these programs to avoid any foul play.

Do your part in uplifting rural India.

Do your part in uplifting rural India. Contribute your bit to
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Contribute to our ongoing initiatives to help make a difference in our Artisans community.

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