Free check-ups and free medications

The foundation, in tandem with local healthcare facilities, not just provide these services, but educates these communities to better equip them to look after themselves.

Health Care


Education is important for everyone.

Rural communities are already disadvantaged when it comes to the opportunity of education, and this disadvantage is magnified towards women and girl-children. The foundation’s goal is not only to eradicate poverty through independence but to bridge the gender gap as well.


Government Linkages and
Financial Inclusion

Welfare Programs

The state & central government bodies in India have created multiple welfare programs but they are underutilized due to poor awareness and illiteracy in the rural communities. The benefits of all these available services are still out of reach of the people in need.

The foundation educate rural communities on the services available, their rights and monitors these programs to avoid any foul play.

government linkages

Make a difference

Help rural India grow.

We are moving our Artisans towards a more fair, flourishing and brighter future. But we can’t get there without you. When you support our Artisans you are not just sustaining their livelihood, you are empowering 40,000 Artisans to stand-up on their feet and make a real change happen.

Contribute to our ongoing initiatives to help make a difference in our Artisans community.

help rural india grow

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