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and help rural India grow.

We believe in a self-sustaining world, where each
of our Artisans are empowered to live their life on
their own terms.

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At Jaipur Rugs Foundation, we deeply value the rich heritage and craftsmanship that goes into each rug. Behind every meticulously woven thread lies the passion, skill, and dedication of our artisans.  

At the heart of our foundation lies a deep appreciation for the extraordinary skills and talents possessed by rural artisans. Through their intricate artistry, they create masterpieces that transcend boundaries and captivate the world. 

Through our various initiatives, we provide access to education, healthcare, skill development, and financial opportunities, creating an ecosystem of empowerment.               

When you choose to buy a rug from us or contribute to our vibrant artisan community, you are not just purchasing a beautiful piece of art. 

By supporting their work, you are not only providing them with a sustainable livelihood but also helping to safeguard a cherished cultural tradition. You are choosing to make a meaningful impact on the lives of craftsmen and women and become part of a timeless legacy that preserves and uplifts an endangered art form.

Explore the possibilities of being part of a movement that celebrates creativity, empowers individuals, and fosters social development. Together, let’s shape a world where artistry and compassion intertwine, creating a legacy of positive change.

For more information jrfoundation@jaipurrugs.org

help rural india grow

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Be part of our initiatives, help rural India grow.

We see our artisans marching forward in their journey of becoming an artist- designer. But we can’t get there without you.

Contribute to our ongoing initiatives to help make a difference in our Artisans community.


A lifetime of safe work

We are super excited to partner with Corporate Rebels Foundation on our project- Women Empowerment Through Livelihoods and Leadership Development (WELL). Through which we aim to teach women who live in rural villages to develop skills so that they can earn money with the craftsmanship for the rest of their lives.

The Corporate Rebels Foundation work closely with communities on activities relating to Building a community of businesses, charities, and individuals; Increasing awareness on exploitation at work among others. Their core values include transparency, rebelliousness sustainability.

Through a lifetime of safe work our goal is to raise €20,000 so we can set up a training center and train 50 women for a lifetime of safe work environment

Please reach out to us if you want to
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