To create a society where equality, justice, and peace prevail through socio-economic development providing opportunity for all.


To serve as a social innovator promoting the cause of artisans by providing them with job opportunities resulting in an uplifted rural society.

Jaipur Rugs Founder NK Chaudhary

The visionary

The man who revolutionized traditional carpet industry in India, NK Chaudhary established JRF to enable economic prosperity among destitute communities. Starting with one vision, two looms and an extraordinary journey, he was able to connect people around the world with the timeless craftsmanship of Indian artisans. Through the coming years, he developed a network of more than 40,000 artisans spread across five states, who today work with dignity.

Why We Exist

The crisis: the decline of the 500 year old tradition.

Over 10 million craftspeople form part of India’s living heritage, practicing unmatched hand skills. Traditional crafts symbolize the cultural identity of human civilization, while each handmade product has an identity of its own. Mechanized mass production is endangering the timeless traditional craft forms by killing human creativity.

Our purpose of existence is carefully connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, whereby the significance of creating sustainable market- based solutions for the disempowered has been comprehended. There are myriad factors that thwart the subaltern to remain confined to the vicious cycle of poverty. For a country predominantly dependent on agriculture, limitation of the sector to provide income round the year has resulted in people looking for alternative sources of livelihood like construction work and hence has consequently induced large scale migration.

What We Do

Jaipur Rugs Foundation focuses attention on the ideas and solution that create social value.

JRF reaches out to the grassroots populace and initiate a dialogue about opportunities of becoming skilled artisans in carpet value chain and get sustainable livelihoods as well as social development facilitation.

JRF helps in the process of opening bank accounts for the artisans. Locally accessible banking services (conventional as well as innovative) are identified and artisans are connected with these institutions. Also seeks to equip artisans with basic knowledge and skills to save money to shape a brighter future for their families. JRF organizes various demand drive Health Camps in rural areas in partnership with local healthcare providers. The primary objective is to provide basic health education to the communities and motivate them to live a healthy lifestyle. They are also provided with health check -ups including free medicines and referrals to specialty hospitals for major illnesses.

JRF brought the world’s first social innovation with artisan community which addresses the creative potential of Indian artisan community. This innovation is one of the steps by foundation for creating awareness about sustainable yet creative.

Our presence

JRF is currently working in five Indian states namely Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. We are supported by a core team of development professionals and field functionaries. In addition, interns and volunteers from premier academic institutions are constantly involved in spearheading various activities undertaken by the foundation.

Our presence JRF