Before Weaving

To join all these hands together requires a decentralized model, reaching out step by step to each specialist to create quality that is unmatched. This is made possible only through building bridges of compassion, empathy and love.

Sourcing of raw material

The essence of handcrafting is truly captured when its raw material is also hand-spun. Our wool is purchased at a bi-annual auction in Bikaner which later gets segregated by hand.

We also import the best quality wool from New Zealand (Merino Wool) and Silk from China.

raw material
carding & spining

Carding & Spinning

The handpicked wool, once sorted, segregated and washed, finds itself in the hands of the Katwaris(spinners).

They sift through the wool, layering the strands together through a process called carding. Placing a dollop of wool on a bristle pad, they brush it with another, removing clumped dirt, knots and giving the wool uniformity, gently caressing it to evolve into the best quality yarn.

The intertwined fibers of wool have a wave-like pattern of thick and thin, but stick together to make the most durable form of yarn with the most remarkable texture, somewhere a metaphoric representation to Indian history.

Over 3,000 of these unique artisans have found their home with us.


Our colours are sourced from Colourtex and Huntsman. We have a range of more than 3000 colours, and the choice to customise them too. They are eco-friendly and are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified dyes. The colours do not bleed or damage the yarn, resulting in a more durable rug.

Each batch of yarn has inherent colour variations, which brings character to the rug, along with wool ageing and raw material preparation.

Rugs with this effect are known as Abrash or Antique.



A range of weaving techniques are used to create different types of rugs, and the techniques determine the quality, design, price and even their durability. To know more click below.

Finishing Processes

There are 18 finishing steps to a rug. When all these steps are done by hand, it can take up to a month to glisten in perfection. To know more click below.