Sankalp 2010 : Social Enterprise Awards & Investment Forum by Sankalp Forum


Sankalp Award (2010)
May 5, 2010

Jaipur Rugs Company won the Sankalp 2010 award, as an Established enterprise. Amongst numerous nominees, Jaipur Rugs prevailed as the established enterprise under Agriculture Food and Rural Business Sector. This India’s largest Social Enterprise and Investment Forum award ceremony was held in Mumbai, and over 500 delegates took part in it.

Jaipur Rugs Company got recognition and appreciation for its social initiatives, bringing change to the society via its constant and sturdy efforts. Jaipur Rugs have successfully created a sustainable livelihood for rural artisans through its handmade carpets.

Sankalp award and investment Forum, works as a platform to bestow recognition to the MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises). The Forum scrutinizes the enterprises on five sectors that highly impact the society: 1. Agriculture, Food & Rural Business 2. Clean Energy 3. Inclusive Education 4. Health, Water & Sanitation, and 5. Technology for Development

Sankalp award process confers the enterprises upon their innovative and dynamic social initiatives. They analyze the entrepreneurs on the level of impact that they bring to the society. Nevertheless, it also helps in collaborating budding and established entrepreneurs.

Today, Jaipur Rugs bring equality and dignity in the lives of rural artisans, through its welfare initiative. Specializing in hand-knotted rugs and carpets, the company is employing 40,000 artisans and is catering in almost 25 countries.