Social Development

We focus on improving well-being of artisans and their communities by providing access to various socio-economic benefits. Through social development, we seek to ensure basic facilities, especially for those with bare minimal resources.

Alternative Education Programme

We believe that every human being must have the opportunity to learn how to read and write. Alternative Education Programme launched by the foundation provides basic functional literacy education to marginalized communities set up across impoverished villages in India. It is limited not only to artisans and their families, but anybody who wishes to learn. We focus on selecting teachers from within the community to be responsible for imparting knowledge among fellow villagers, in their vernacular for smoother communication.


women successfully

graduated under AEP

Health Care

We organize health camps throughout several villages belonging to artisan communities by bringing in medical professionals and doctors who carry out regular health check-ups. Checkups and medications are provided for anyone in need. These are limited not merely to artisans and their families. Local villagers are welcomed to attend temporary clinics set up in the villages.


artisans benefited from

health camps


cataract operations


Financial Inclusion

We seek to equip artisans with basic knowledge and skills that help them save money to shape a brighter future for their families. We aid them to receive various benefits provided by the government. This entails assistance in formalities like filling of form, supporting documents and linking them with banks. In addition, a new system of payment – introduction of ‘M-Pesa’ by Vodafone, has been facilitated for easy transactions.


artisans assisted with

financial inclusion

Artisan Cards

One of the biggest challenges faced by artisans is the lack of awareness and knowledge regarding opportunities intended for them under various social welfare schemes. JRF has been playing an instrumental role in facilitating access to artisan cards. These are issued to the artisans by Development Commissioner, Handicrafts (Government of India) with support from District Industries Centers (DICs).


artisan cards facilitated

Insurance Linkage

One of the major learning gaps amongst artisans identified by the foundation is the lack of knowledge and information regarding the various types of insurance benefits intended for them and offered by the Government of India. Moreover, if they happen to know about such benefits, they hesitate to apply for the same considering the large task of being able to complete the formalities and paperwork and claim processing requirements. Hence, we reach out to artisans and their families to inform and elucidate benefits of health and general insurance, especially those pertaining to the artisans.


artisans benifited with

insurance linkages

Udhyog Adhar Number

With the prospect of the ease-of-doing-business with (MSMEs) micro, small and medium enterprises, Government of India has introduced Udyog Aadhar, the registration of which enables artisans to seek information and apply online about various services being offered by all Ministries and Departments. By applying for the same, the artisans get recognized as potential business entities.