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Development Dialogue 2016, a unique entrepreneurship ecosystem conference to be hosted in Varanasi by Ek Soch Sandbox in partnership with IIT-BHU

Transforming Lives-The Story of Meera Devi Meera Devi is one of the weavers from Bargava Village, Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh. She was born to a family where farming was main source of livelihood. She completed her education till 12th Standard and after that she got married and left the dream of higher education. After marriage, she started taking care of her family and children. She is the mother of 2 children: her daughter is presently studying in 10th class and her son is presently studying in 12th class. Thus, she completely devoted herself for the bright future of her children. After taking care of children she still had spare time which she wanted to utilize to earn some money so that she can fulfill small wishes of herself and children as income from farming is irregular. She wished to do something which helped her earn regular money to buy herself a saree to wear, clothes for her children, paying the fees for school and coaching classes for children. As if God listened to her wish, one day she came to know about tufted carpet weaving training in her village. The dream came true and she immediately enrolled herself in 2 months training given by Jaipur Rugs Foundation in the year 2014. After the training, she has been getting constant employment in her village and she is happy that she has learnt the weaving. She works for 5-6 hours in a day and earns approximately Rs.3000 per month. Today, she shares with a charming smile on her face, “I have bought for myself a silver jewelry (‘Payal’) and I am able to pay regular educational expenses/fees for the higher education of my son and the daughter. My only wish is that my children should be educated and become wise members of society.”

“Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme” Testimonials for Phase 2 trainings in Year 2015 /Batch 1 Training (January,2015) Testimonial of Kamlidevi Kamlidevi is a very positive and responsible woman from Ramghad Village near Jaipur, Rajasthan. She has been weaving since her childhood due to poverty. She also lost her mother when she was a very young child. In order to be independent and to help the family, she has started weaving. Even after marriage, she engaged her-self in different livelihoods like weaving and farming. Presently, she is a mother of 4 girls and 3 sons. She has only one dream of giving quality education to her children. So, that her children will have bright future. She also feels that she cannot count the daily wages so she wants to learn basic literacy so that she can count her daily wages. During the 3 days training, she was enchanted by seeing the beautiful finished carpet woven by her own hands. She said, “I liked the training very much. I got to see the company and could see beautiful carpets. I came to know about the importance of carpet quality as the customer would buy only quality carpets. We are very happy with the weaving work at home.”