The crisis: the decline of the 500 year old tradition.

Over 10 million craftspeople form part of India’s living heritage, practicing unmatched hand skills. Traditional crafts symbolize the cultural identity of human civilization, while each handmade product has an identity of its own. Mechanized mass production is endangering the timeless traditional craft forms by killing human creativity. Consequently, artisanal communities are forced to abandon ancient family traditions as they are deemed ‘worthless’. Our goal is to bring positive sustainable change in lives of artisanal communities, to provide a life of happiness and dignity.

The crisis the decline of the 500 year old tradition
Why rug weaving

Why rug weaving

As it does not demand massive infrastructure, the practice of rug-weaving seeks to keep women, our primary employees, away from forced labor and migration by empowering them with economic independence through sustainable livelihoods at their doorsteps.

Artisan Original

For hand knotted artisan community, creating something entirely on their own on an unassuming loom was something they never imagined would happen. A one of a kind initiative introduced by Jaipur Rugs foundation taps into the untamed fashion from the villages of India. It experiments with the originality of rural artisan and nurtures their creative potential which remains unexplored at the global stage. For the first time ever, weavers get to be the designers of their rugs. Each rug is a masterpiece of design inspiration. It is imbued with the individuality of its weaver which is evident in unique artistry. This initiative has led to a new wave of innovation. JRF’s social innovation to unleash the design creativity among artisan community leads the representation of artisans to the national and international platforms. This innovation not only brings the visual design and craftsmanship excellence but also bind the global audience by the emotion behind this design. This innovation is named as “Artisan Originals” which means the voice of artisan soul imprinted on a piece of art.

Artisan Original Rug
Rug weaver Durga Devi

This looks like a carpet, an exquisite carpet, but don’t merely get mesmerized by its looks – for it is food, electricity and school fee for thousands of artisans in India.

It is Durga Devi’s hope to build her child’s future.

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