Leadership Development

To foster the spirit of pro-active leadership among artisans at the grassroots, the programmes aim at permeating a founder’s mentality and a better understanding of the higher purpose of their work. With this training, artisans get a full understanding of the supply chain and awareness about customer expectations.

Artisans Engagement Programmes
Developing Owner’s Mindset

Engagement Program
Artisans at Grassroots

Artisans Engagement Programmes

The objective is to have a well-structure engagement with significant stakeholders within the carpet value chain and to make them aware of their possibilities and creative capacities.


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Developing Owner’s Mindset

To go beyond being mere wage earners to being owners of their work, JRF focuses on orienting women artisans towards developing an ‘owner’s mindset’. This helps reinforce confidence among women to gain higher responsibilities and work towards setting a certain growth trajectory for themselves as artisans.


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