International Day of Happiness

Happiness is more than just a state of mind, it is deep sense of wellbeing that nurtures and enables one to grow. We have been striving to bring in this happiness to our organization by practicing empathy, compassion and craftsmanship.

To create this environment, we have been breaking all the barriers that come in our way. For us not only our weavers but, the wellness and happiness of each individual counts. With Rural Empowerment Programs such as the Teal Project, Skill Development Program, Entrepreneurship Development Program and Alternative Education Program, we strive to develop a society that aims at self-sustainability and prosperity for all. We believe that there is no accurate matrix to measure happiness, but one can feel it by doing humble tasks that benefit others.


With innovative initiatives such as the Artisan Original, we provide our artisans a platform where they can weave their own imagination without using any design map. This initiative gave the rural artisans an opportunity to weave what they want. This is what freedom of expression and true source of happiness is! Our rugs from Artisan Original have won various Awards such as the prestigious EDIDA Award, German Design Award and many more. Watching women be the sole earners of family and lead happy and dignified lives through our Women Empowerment initiatives make us feel blessed.

With social impact experiences such as ‘The Knots of Compassion’ partnered with Airbnb, the artisans and their art form has got an opportunity to get exposed at a global platform where their simplicity and art is being respected. Today, their work has been acknowledged globally and we cherish those smiles that lit up their faces.

We proudly say, our artisans are the real king of our organization and their happiness keeps us motivated to do something beautiful and meaningful each day.