Young, Independent and Proud

Suman, Kakku, Bikaner

Wool Opner Suman from Kakku Bikaner

I am a wool-opener (someone who sorts raw wool) at the Kakku center. The girls in Kakku (a village in Rajasthan) mostly study only till 8th standard because to study further, we have to travel 14kms to Nokha (nearest town to Kakku). Our parents don’t send us that far, they rather have us help them in household chores and keep us closer to home. I have studied only till 8th standard. This center was built nine months ago, until then I was just a tailor and made a little money every once in a while. But now, I earn a steady income every month. We are a family of four people and my brother has left home to work in Maharashtra in a shoe factory. Everyone works very hard to contribute to the household. And now because of this center I can also do my share for the family, financially. I have a bank account too, my father makes sure to put away a part of my earnings every month in the bank as savings. He is very proud of me that when it is time for me to get married I can pay for it with my own earnings.