Meet the superwoman who fought her destiny

Sajna, Aspura, Jaipur

Artisan Sajna from Aspura

Sajna was 42 years old when she was diagnosed with Stomach cancer. She had been part of the Jaipur Rugs family for over five years now and suddenly, all of it was put to an end as her seemingly happy life was plunged into darkness. She could no longer continue to do what she was best at. Suffering was just the beginning of what she experienced, as she felt her body weaken bit by bit. She wondered how her three children would cope with the loss of their mother at such an early stage; she trembled at the mere thought of it. This gave her courage instead, from within. She had now decided to fight one of the most feared illnesses in human history.

Four months had gone by. This was the longest time she had ever spent away from the loom, away from her love of weaving. She was lucky to have a husband who had given her, his word for letting her resume as soon as she gets well. Within no time, Sajna was back home, back to her loom, back on track. This is when Jaipur Rugs introduced the artisan collection of handmade rugs, which allowed our artisans to voice their stories through their weaves. It was the first time the producer was being asked to represent their creativity through their inspirations on to the carpets they wove. And so, Sajna began weaving her carpet, thinking of patterns and designs as she wove. Her mind was still recuperating from the very same disease she thought she couldn’t defeat, although physically she had recovered. This is when she decided to depict her own struggle of how she fought cancer, for the love of her craft and her desire to keep weaving and to create something beautiful. Sajna went on to produce one of the most stunning carpets for the year 2016, inspired by images from her mammogram that she remembered and that of a flower which depicted her journey from illness to recovery. It is little known, the story behind her carpet and her design – the story of a woman so strong, who refused to bow down before her dreaded illness and came out a survivor, an inspiration to many.