The road less taken

Prem sukh saran, Karmesar, Bikaner

Wool contractor Prem Sukh Saran from Bikaner

Prem Sukh Saran started his career as a wool contractor in Bikaner, but little did it interest him. He always believed in meaningful work and a dull, monotonous job like that was not something that he looked forward to do. It was during this time that a man named Navratan Saraf, a branch manager from Jaipur Rugs Foundation approached him. Introducing the organization and its purpose, Saraf focused on the aim of eliminating middlemen that Jaipur Rugs is working towards. “That day was a revelation to me, like a calling”, he admits as he recalls the day Saraf asked him to work for Jaipur Rugs. For the first time in his life, he had found a direction he wanted to explore. He willingly joined the organization without giving it a second thought.

12 years have passed since Prem Sukh started working with JRF, proof of what he truly believed in. He has dedicated his life to the organization, working day in and day out in service of the marginalized communities. Every day motivates him to move ahead in life and continue to work with same zeal and enthusiasm.

“Meeting Bhaisahab (founder – NK Chaudhary) has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. One can never imagine a man can be so great yet so humble, at the same time. When I met him, I knew I was on the right path”, he says.