Girl Education as a New Opportunity

Behta Gusai, Uttar Pradesh

“My name is Shamma and I am 20 year old. I live in Behta Gusai, Uttar Pradesh. It was the time when I joined grade 1, my mother passed away. I had to discontinue my studies to take care and cook for my little brothers and sisters at home. I grew up with the dream of going to school, though I knew it’s not possible. One day I got to know that a school is being opened for girls who are working. I was delighted to know about this opportunity which I never expected. I never missed any session and learnt a lot from the classes held. Now I can read the books of my school going siblings, read newspaper, visit shops to buy grocery. I can detail the expenses when my dad asks me to. Now I am happy with my carpet weaving and if given with the opportunity, I will learn further.”