Don’t Let Challenges Stop You – Success Story of Manju

Success Story of Manju, weaver at Jaipur Rugs

Manju, an artisan at Jaipur Rugs, was born in a small village named Manoharpur. During her early childhood, polio made her dependent on others for her daily chores. At the age of 14, she learned to weave as she saw her elder sister weaving carpet. However, her disability didn’t make her weak; she completed her B.Ed. in 2006. Post marriage, Manju and her husband, Mukesh, decided to join their hands together to live their dreams.

In the year 2010, it was difficult for her to manage the family’s expenses, and she chose to weave as her only livelihood. She started her journey with Jaipur Rugs with one loom when no one supported her in her village. As time flew, people got to know the difference between the contractors and Jaipur Rugs. Manju Devi, who was never looked upon in her town, was approached by 20 other weavers for the work and now she owns four looms. Out of these looms, 20 weavers feed their family, educate their children, and manage their family’s expenses. Back then Manju with her husband Mukesh lived in a hut and had no means of livelihood, and now, after nine years of hard work and willingness, they own a two-story building, own vehicle and educates her daughters.
Jaipur Rugs feels proud that they have Manju who despite such challenges, weaves the beautiful knots for their wonderful customers. Currently, she is knotting 12*16 feet carpet along with four other weavers on her loom.

Manju’ s father and her father-in-law says, “Ye nahi hoti toh, na hi galicha hota aur na hi is ghar mai parivartan aata” (If she wouldn’t have been, neither the carpets would have existed, nor the family could have seen the transformation).