A New Chapter Unfolding in Malegaon!





Malegaon, a place that never sleeps, is a hustling bustling town full of power-driven echoes of heavy looms weaving clothes throughout the day. Amidst the sound of machines, a group of women is also learning to weave adding a certain melody to the sound coming from the center. It’s more humane in nature, far removed from the pure mechanical sounds of a machine. Through the rhythmic Vocal instructions for weaving, they are also voicing their dreams & aspirations which were lost somewhere in the daily humdrum of life.


As a value chain addition, Jaipur Rugs Foundation is always in pursuit of more people who are in need of an unwavering livelihood not just to meet their daily bread requirements but to enjoy more of the life’s perks with content. It is a rare sight to find a dream in the form of a sunny opportunity to come knocking at our doorstep, that too just when we are in the dire need of it. Such is the methodology and essence of Jaipur Rugs Foundation- where it brings the occupation of weaving to people and enhances their skills further.


It gives an opportunity to people to take that first step & transform their entire life. The training awakens in them, an unparalleled power of sustaining a good life by pure hard-work and dedication.



On a similar line Jaipur Rugs Foundation, in association with Khatoon Minority Women’s Social Welfare & Educational Society, has begun a pilot project of Hand-knotted Carpet Weaving in Malegaon, Maharashtra. It accesses the feasibility of establishing carpet weaving as a source of livelihood for women communities of Malegaon in Nasik district of Maharashtra. This is a new arena of exploration to introduce Carpet Weaving as a source of sustainable livelihood opportunity for the women in this area. The skill development training is aimed to teach carpet weaving skills to the unskilled women who have never done weaving before. The trainers will deliver basics of weaving on Carpet loom and related fundamentals during the course of 90 days. After successful completion of this drill the trainees will be connected to assured market linkages through inclusive carpet value chain of Jaipur Rugs.


Jaipur Rugs Foundation is the heart of Mr. Nand Kishore Chaudhary’s vision; ‘Bhaisaheb’, as he is so affectionately called. In an effort to connect the artisan community with the customers- Jaipur Rugs Foundation acts as a bridge connecting dots.


It is a unique initiative to empower the women of the area which is not only providing them with an employment option but also giving them a chance to access their independence & individuality to enjoy life with bliss!


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