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We have been studying and learning new things since a very tender age. Along with all the exam-oriented knowledge there was a parallel education institute instilled at our home in the form of a very beautiful reality of life called as family. The values, ethics and culture of a family based learning methodology are etched for eternity in the core of our soul. The truest form of teaching gradually becomes our habit.


Hence Jaipur Rugs Foundation is not just the employment provider for the grassroots community but their teacher and family too. It teaches them, makes them aware, supports and stands by them always.

The vast and deep impact of Weaver Engagement training program conducted by Jaipur Rugs Foundation from 24 March 2015 to 1 April 2015 in Badaun District of U.P. stands as a tall example of that. Around 380 weavers were benefitted by this programme. The trainings were conducted in different villages of Badaun District namely Mirzapur, Seshwan, Srairamdas, Chaganpur, Ghunapur, Bhosamae, sakri jangal, Ghari Vichola, Kuwarpur, Dhaniawali, Noorpur, Jatki.



An evident shift in the weaver’s perspective is where the roots of foundation lay and thus comes the Founder’s Mentality in the very origin of their thinking. This training has given them new ways of looking at their daily work from the perspective of mere worker’s mindset to owner’s mindset. They understood the aspects of quality standards required to remain competitive in the global market and imbibed the technical aspects of Carpet Quality. The weavers’ were enthusiastic and committed to learn new skills to grow in their lives financially and socially. It broadened their perspective about rug-weaving as a whole. It provided them with a bigger picture- life journey of the rug from artisans to customers. It also focused on developing entrepreneurial spirit and identifying natural leaders who can then be transformed into Bunkar Sakhis, thereby empowering women.


This will enable them immensely to take higher responsibilities in quality supervision, waste minimization, and error reduction & eventually earn better income. Jaipur Rugs Foundation is carving a prophecy that these women weavers will emerge as grassroots entrepreneurs and change their lives completely.


The Engagement Program began with an objective of instilling leadership quality and founder’s mentality in the weavers. As the hope of a better future gleamed in the eyes of the weavers, we realized we are on the right track!



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